Multiple Generation at Workplace – Is it a Windfall or Affliction?

Suppose you have been given a responsibility to hire employees for a fast food company, “Which age group/generation employee would you prefer to hire?”

Well, hold on your answer until you read the next paragraph to see if you are aligned.

A Research by McDonald’s in the UK has revealed that people working in a multi-generational environment tend to be 10% happier.  McDonald’s research also found that 58% of workers felt it was a priority to have an opportunity to work with people of different ages. This was more important for those born between 1900 and 1964 (a priority for 67%), and 16-year-olds (a priority for 57%). It is always rewarding to have a diverse age group population working for your organization since they all bring value addition in a unique way.

Let’s discuss the different generation which you will come across while working within the organization. There are typically 4 types of work generation you usually interact at workplace including those who just passed out of college and joined or those who are in the 60s are semi-retired and then we have the generation who are straddling between the new world and old world.

Most of us have suffered this age discrimination, have not you? The fact is every generation has something unique to offer. The purpose of this article is to remove prejudice towards different generation and understand the importance of having a mixture of age group within the team. Employee Generation is certainly a Windfall for the organization if they are understood and valued properly. 

My recommendation for HR / People Analytics team is to always consider the above factors when they do their analysis on employee data.

Look forward to your input/ Experience on the subject.