Multiple Generation at Workplace – Is it a Windfall or Affliction?

Suppose you have been given a responsibility to hire employees for a fast food company, "Which age group/generation employee would you prefer to hire?" Well, hold on your answer until you read the next paragraph to see if you are aligned. A Research by McDonald’s in the UK has revealed [...]

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Top Recruiting metrics every Talent Acquisition leader must track!

Your company is as good as the people it keeps, and the responsibility to bring good people is primarily given to your Recruitment and HR Team. Hiring best-fit candidates in the stipulated timeline have always been a difficult task for many Organizations. This is important for any talent acquisition leader [...]

Six Stages of HR Analytics Team Maturity – Demystified

In today’s fast-moving and competitive environment, to succeed and help the organization grow faster, most of the HR leaders and top executives are taking HR Analytics seriously. Organizations are aware it’s people who bring success to their business and that is why HR Analytics Team maturity stage plays a [...]

Redefine Your Employee Survey for better HR Analytics!

This write-up gives a clear insight into how redefining employee survey at each stage of their important lifecycle can be of advantage to the HR Analytics team and overall organization. I usually call these employee satisfaction and engagement survey data as Goldmine data for [...]

The Beginner’s guide on HR Analytics

Human Resource Analytics is an area of study using the mix of art and science on human capital in hope of getting the measurable return on investment and to take meticulous strategic decisions without losing the essence of term "Human" from HR. This is also referred as People Analytics [...]

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